"I am forever grateful to Bliss for her care, support, and kindness during my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum time.  Her positive spirit, can-do attitude, and confidence is contagious, and empowered me to pursue the natural birth I desired.  From day one, she regularly checked in with me and made sure I had up-to-date resources and research about birth.  When the big day came, she joyfully and tirelessly supported me as I gave birth naturally to my son.  A few days after I got home with my new baby, she came to the house and helped me with breastfeeding and any other concerns I had.  She provided a priceless service.  I can't wait to have her by my side for baby #2!"

Melinda G


From Clients and Providers

"The experience my wife and I had was nothing short of amazing.

I was originally skeptical due to the added financial costs. However, after going through this process, it is one of the best purchases I have ever done.

I highly recommend this experience and education to anyone! Bliss took care of us and is an amazing doula and even a greater person."

— Jamie H


 Bliss Herron was such an amazing doula and perfect for our family. Her knowledge of comfort measures during labor is wonderful too since she taught our Lamaze class. Her faith in God really encouraged us during our VBAC home birth.”

-Claire M

"Our birth experience with Bliss is something we will never forget. It touched something deep in both of our souls that showed a glimpse into the weightiness of glory that our God is. We were so impressed by Bliss' knowledge, skill, and character through my wife's birthing process."

"It was beautiful and so peaceful. Bliss was so supportive. The best I've ever seen. Everything was commendable and impressive! She was so loving, as if the patient was her own daughter. I would absolutely recommend this doula to my patients, in fact, I would have her for my delivery! She was so helpful. Not all doulas are this helpful;

but Bliss was perfect."

-A registered nurse at Texas Health Southwest